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Watercolor Fashion’s Expo in Sacramento

Moda-Couture Fashion Blog by By Viviana González De Marco

Watercolor Fashion’s Expo

Is the area’s largest event designed for  the community. Whether it is for fashion, beauty, lifestyle or health, the Sacramento Watercolor Fashion’s Expo will bring together these resources in one place.  and will feature lots of exhibits featuring products and services: Apparel Fashion Accessories Beauty and Fragrance Confections Gift Assortments Fitness Fashion & Lifestyle Hand Crafted Arts Health & Wellness Cuisine & Entertainment Nutrition Skin Care Products Personal Products Spas & Salons Vacation Planners Work Life

// 2. When will you do this show? July 2016 3. and why do you want to make this show? To serve the Community

4. what do u offer to the people across the show? Workshops, Speakers, Entertainment, Fashion Shows, leisure, food, exhibits,shopping ,   5. At what the public is directed to this event? Fashion designers, buyers, business owners , and to our community … Directed to all . 6. What is the object in this event?  Sacramento is “America’s Most Diverse City.”  our Expo is also about to be Diverse in Fashion.

                            Watercolor Fashion’s Expo 7. what will the designers and expert fashion do in this event? Lectures about fashion , exhibitions , sell their fashion , show their fashion 8. For how many days will long this event? 3 days . Friday, Saturday  & Sunday 9. What is the benefit of attending to this event? Shopping Expo – 50+ Exhibits – Massage & Beauty Bar – Fashion Shows – Prize Giveaways – Workshops – Entertainment 10. How long have people register for this event? None yet .

                                         Watercolor Fashion’s Expo 11. Tell me Cristina, do you want to add something else that people need to know? This event is for Designers from around the world. Thank you Cristina for talk with us, we invite all people around the world to come to this fantastic event, and of course, we will stay there. Thank you again.

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