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Vanja Santos
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Brazil's response to Bjørk is Vanja Santos, and deals with the language in her new album "Black is Beautiful".

Her album features Thomas Clausen, Mads Vinding, Afonso Correa and Carlos Malta. With its lush musicality and good sound, it takes the audience to the skies and sends warm tones coming from the heart. "Black is Beautiful" .... is a tribute to Ellis Regina, a Brazilian singer who is now in her 70s. And while music itself is very beautiful, the listener is also presented with a show with a full expression of power and light transmitted by Santos.

New Jazz - Niels Overgaard Brazilian tour - (Black is Beautiful) Vanja Santos is a singer gosto.musical, who has lived for years Denmark, has some of the same approach to her music as our great icon and Annisette singer of Savage Rose.- Gaffa Magazin group.

VANJA is a name used in connection with the likes of Katie Melua and Coucha Buika the newly printed article "Three Tops big beautiful women" in All for the ladies / 2014 Music Marie-Lousie Truelsen Editor writes: "Now Vanja Santos is here with the album "Black is Beautiful" which shall entice many to visit Brazil to go out and dance and listen to music."

Vanja's musical journey began from childhood, and led her away. In her musical career, she sang in various places in the world. "From Rio to Rotterdam." This geographical freedom resonates in her music, where the choice of tones and intervals are innovative and bridges the gap between a wide variety of inputs and musical experiences. Newspaper Politiken, Jazz Journalist, Boris Rabinowitsch, told her, you are the response to Bjørk Brazil.

VANJA SANTOS singer / actress / songwriter and producer, comes to Rio pair lancar their newest album "Black is Beautiful" already with great repercussion in Europe comes along with pianist Thomas Clausen Danish with years of partnership and one of the arrangers next to another partner Carlos Malta (the sculptor of the Winds) with his new compositions in their repertoire as:

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  1. Black is Beautiful.
  2. Ago door
  3. Arrrastao
  4. Pilgrimage

THOMAS CLAUSEN was born in 1949. He is a Pianist, composer and arranger. According to Gyldendals "The Great Danish Encyclopaedia": "Danish jazz pianist and composer, who is inspired by both jazz and recent European composition, since the early 1980s became one of the most important musicians of the European jazz. He is also appreciated as a solo pianist, trio leader and companion for leading American musicians. In addition, he has worked as a composer / arranger for large sets in a way that reveals Alban Berg as a major influence."

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