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Moda-Couture brings Brazilian Designs by Firmino to Thailand

September, 2016

The brand Firminology by fashion designer Alex Firmino, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, completed 15 years of walkways, a subtle but effective work of social integration, transformation and reconstruction of self-esteem of girls who often did not even think they might be on a catwalk. He always aimed, therefore, show that through something considered as fickle as fashion, could find a way to socialize and transform the lives of girls and boys involved in the project in a much deeper way than just teach them how to behave or walk perfectly on a wooden platform in a runway. With this, he has addressed topics such as the child's status, the rural exodus and violence against women, among others, combining his art with a social awareness work, two elements to it always worked very well, linked as one thing. Always worth of handmade dyeing and stamping in colorful and unique looks, flagship of his work that has strong seventies perfume. Parallel to this, Alex developed costumes as assistant carnivalesque to Jorge diPaula to traditional Agremiação Macanese, Academicos Aroeira, belonging to the special group of samba schools in Macaé, in the lakes region, exercised work from 2006 to 2014, being champion by three times at his side. In 2010 and 2011 participated in editions of Caxias Fashion, an event coordinated by Claudia de Paula, while it worked with development of collections as an assistant to the famous designer Alessa, who paraded in the defunct Fashion riverbank, having stayed her for four collections and signing pieces after his departure as a freelancer for the brand, and have stayed another year as an assistant costume designer Giulia Borges's namesake designer. The Firminology was founded in 13.11.98, and, in 2014, when he turned 15-year career on the catwalk to escape rather strongly celebrative character that the celebration of the brand that created inevitably would ask, did a fashion show at the Arena Jovelina Perola Negra, in Pavuna, which closed only to celebrate 15 years of career, thematising beggars and time wear action on the matter. In a dramatic return the origins, was rescued and its entire life history of his project and everyone involved did, in October 2015 a fashion show on the street, an old dream of the design artist, art in Square, organized in partnership with the Association of residents of the home of the designer neighborhood and FENING, which is the most exciting and symbolic for being on the street where he lived for 24 years and models walked through the gate of the house where he lived beautiful stories.

Moda-Couture fashion Culture "Olympic Fashion Circus" 2016 It was a challenge in the designer's career. where he had to produce a collection based on the circus clowns taking the designer of his comfort zone, something new,but a challenge that's bringing to him many awards and you can check it through its recent editorial in Thailand with a native and exclusive model on streets of the beautiful city of Phuket.

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