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Pedro Redig de Campos Pedro Redig de Campos

Pedro Redig de Campos is a veteran journalist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He works with sports news as a freelancer for the world’s leading agency Reuters. He loves the sea, his family and his friends from the good old days. Living in England for almost 30 years, he feels that he has no roots anymore -"Brazil is not my home but England is not really ‘my country’," says Pedro.

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Favorite Sport
Pedro Redig de Campos at Stadium Maracana, RJ Brazil
Why Europe?
I came here in 1986 working for TV Globo in their London office as a international news editor. Brazil was just coming out of two decades of military dictatorship and the economy was in a mess with hyper inflation and so on. Everybody wanted to leave the country at that time. I was supposed to stay from two to four years but life circumstances changed everything. I got two children and I did not want to come back to Brazil and leave them behind. I had some fantastic times during my 10 years at Globo in London, covering international news in a time when communism fell - together with the Berlin Wall and Eastern Europe was swept by a wave of revolutions.The Chinese Protest in Tianaman Square, the Golf War and The Balkans also happened at the same era.
What keeps you motivated in life?
My two kids, a girl of 22 and a son who is 19 years old. And also my friends and family in Brazil.
Your favorite sport?
Soccer for sure - ‘Futebol' as we say in Brazil, the land of the ‘beautiful game’ that is not doing very well at the moment.
Pedro Eusebio (left) is a Portuguese Soccer Legend Who Represented the Best of Soccer and of Portugal
Soccer Legends?
Pelé, Garrincha, Maradona, Romário, Ronaldinho, Messi.
Brazil, talking about sports what is missing in your opinion?
A business approach to restore the glory of Brazilian football. The game is going through a big crisis since the 7-1 failure in the elimination by Germany at the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup. The national championship is played in big stadiums built for the World Cup and generating a big loss because the attendance is very poor. They should take some lessons from the the United States professional league MLS which is establishing a reputation as one of the most attractive leagues in the world.
Ultimate fighting is now the second most followed sport in Brazil and it is amazing to see huge amounts of people outside bars, watching some of the big fights on the television. Volleyball - especially at the beach - is also very popular. The 2016 Olympics in Rio will definitely increase the interest Brazilians have for other sports. Finally, it is important to bring more sports to the less privileged to give them an alternative in life.
Do you think that Messi deserved the award as a best player of the World Cup?
No I don’t. Messi is a wonderful player but as a English commetator said, he is “the best CLUB player in the world.” What he has done recently in the Champions League elimination of Manchester City was amazing. But playing for Argentina, he still has not reached the same level. I think Arjen Robben was better than him as an attacking player but I my choice is the German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. He was brilliant under the woodwork but also fantastic as a sweeping goalkeeper, playing outside of the area as as the last defender and giving the team the advantage of an extra player. Brilliant tactics by the new world champions.
Let’s talk about the future? Russia, 2018. What names come to your mind when you think about the future?
It will be a good chance for Brazilian Neymar to established himself as a major international star. The Belgian Eden Hazard and German Marco Reus are also players that can make a good impact. Harry Kane have been a revelation for Tottenham and should be shinning for England.
Top five Brazilian soccer players?
(This is an all-time list):
1. Pelé
2. Garrincha
3. Didi
4. Romário
5. Ronaldinho
Soccer is Brazil's most favorite sport?
As I said above, yes soccer is Brazil main sports and the good record of five World Cup titles is a matter of pride for the country of 200 million people. But the current state of the domestic game is not helping to keep the prestige football has in Brazil. Any good player that appears is snatched by foreign clubs who pay moderate fees compared to the price of players in Europe. Selling players is a way of life and survival for the Brazilian clubs, even for the current champions Cruzeiro who sold half of the winning team after taking the tile in 2014.
Pedro Clarence Clyde Seedorf (left) is a Dutch former footballer and former manager of A.C. Milan regarded by many as one of the best midfielders of his generation.
Which comes first? Volleyball or swimming?
Volleyball for sure. Very popular on the beach and watched by millions on TV. Both men’s and women’s court teams are big contenders in the world league and matches are shown on prime time on top channel Globo TV. Swimming is s good activity for people fit enough to brave the sea in Brazil’s 8,000-kilometre coastline.
True or false "Brazilians have a through passion for sports, and it is no wonder that the country is One of the main market of several sport related brands"?
Totally True.
There is an additional sport that became very much the taste of the younger generation.
I am talking about surfing. You only need a board and the sport which was the privilege of an elite now has a huge appeal with people from all walks of life. There are surfing schools in favelas and other communities and the huge amount of beaches make surfing a very good alternative to combine sport with a healthy lifestyle. Brazil has a well developed surfing fashion industry and there are hundreds of brands. ENERGIA was a pioneer in the 70’s together with COMPANY. Since then, professionals who also deal with Stand-up Surfing, Kitesurfing, Skateboarding, Hang-Gliding have established in a very competitive market. By going global, Osklen,the sportswear brand founded in in 1989 by the orthopaedic physician Oskar Metsavaht, is a big example of the ambition of the Brazilian industry.
What Golden State Warriors shooting guard Leandro Barbosa represents to Brazil in your opinion this days?
He certainly have his admirers. Brazilians like their basketball and with the creation of a revamped competition called NBB (New Basketball Brazil), they have managed to offer a good product, with teams featuring some names that are maybe better attractions than the stars featuring in Brazil’s soccer league.
Your favorite soccer team?
Botafogo and Tottenham Hotspur.
A typical day?
Work, TV, IT, swim - but not always in the same day.
What do you think of the fashion world?
A bit ‘selfie’ in excess. Celebrity is the new trash and social media changed the way success is measured. I am a believer that the good fashion trends would rise above the average and be recognised.
A perfect diet?
Aubergine with Feta cheese.
Salted cod with peppers, puree and green salad.
Papaya with Turkish yogurt and honey.
Samba School?
São Clemente.
Beer or Caipirinha?
Favorite Brazilian dishes?
Carne de sol com aipim.
Moqueca de frutos do mar.
A Country?
A Color?
A Music?
Rock with you - Michael Jackson.
Me dê motivo - Tim Maia.
A Dream?
To live in a house in the mountains of Rio.
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