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Krystal MacKnight

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Krystal what does it mean today making television?
TV and FILM are both similar. However TV has more of a round the clock pre-production, filming, and post production editing simultaneously. It is a very fast pace environment.
What are your tasks as a TV producer?
I work as a production coordinator for TV and Film helping scheduling and hiring crew to make a script come to the screen. As a producer I consult and create projects to film, bringing the correct people together to make a production.
You have been in the production business a long time. What initially drew you into the Tv/ film production world?
I always wanted to be in front of the camera and to create things that brought in depth thought and joy to people.
I read in your bio that you worked at the HBO Looking Show. How did you get the job?
HBO "Looking" was offered to me mostly by word of mouth. The Production Supervisor knew another Production Coordinator that knew me and my past work and spoke very highly of me. I was interviewed and then offered the position. I was also fortunate to be a local to San Francisco.
Who's the most interesting or famous person you ever worked with?
I don't always get to meet all of my cast members from all of my productions. All of the people I have worked with are very interesting. One of the most interesting people I have worked with was Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. He really surprised me in so many ways as an actor and person. Dwayne was very down to Earth and humble even though he is so "famous" and well known. While we were filming "Journey to the Center of the Earth 2" Dwayne invited the entire crew to a private screening of his film that was about to be released at the time called "Faster". Dwayne actually joined us in the theatre. It was fun.
For someone who is brand new to TV/ Film production , what would you say is the number one, TOP thing they need
If you are new to the Entertainment industry the TOP thing to have is perseverance. It sometimes takes long hours and time away from friends and family. It's not always a glamorous environment.
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What would you say is the biggest (most interesting) trend in TV production right now?
I think the most interesting trend right now is the microscopic and comedic look that different shows are placing on different races and time frames. We have TV shows like Goldbergs focusing on a Jewish family the 80's and then there's "Blackish" and "Fresh Off The Boat". So many different dynamic shows that spread across a wide demographic and can be enjoyed by all.
What are you interested in outside of your career? Hobbies?
I love being out in nature. I am a total beach girl. I love spending time at the coast and hiking in the hills. I take lots of photos everywhere I go and I put positive quotes and make "Krystalisms" to share on social networks and inspire people to experience the joys in life.
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What are the five biggest accomplishments of your life?
1. Received my Bachelors Degree in Radio/TV Production
2. Finished my Music Business and Recording Certification at San Francisco State University
3. I have worked on 9 major studio motion pictures and 11 network TV shows
4. Travelled to 9 Countries and12 States.
5. Living in different states and cities while still maintaining my family and friendship connections
How does your present position differ from past ones?
I started as a production assistant and a runner. I worked my way up to my title that I have now.
How do you handle tension?
As simple as taking a deep breath and changing my frame of mind. I will either put on a song I like and take a dance break or look outside a window to the sky and try to think of something funny. Break tension with laughter.
Who is your role model and why?
My mother is my role model. She raised me as a single mom all alone. She is one of the most intelligent and beautiful human beings I have ever known.
What sort of person would you most like to work for?
I love family oriented honest integral people. It's important to make the work environment fun and less stressful.
Which areas of your work are most often praised?
I have been told that I am a great at keeping calm amidst chaos. Production is a fast pace ever changing environment.
What kind of games do you like to play?
Improv and Trivia.
You have been also in Hawaii, New York, Would you tell us what did impress you most in this experience?
I love living in different places. I like to learn about different cities and become a "local" wherever I go.
What do you like most in your work?
I like when production ends and I get to see the final result. It's always such a great feeling watching the shows and films I've worked on and being aware of all of the hard work that went into it.
Which was the most exciting experience from a professional point of view?
Each experience is exciting. Professionally I feel more excited about the next potential position and production I will be able to take on knowing all of the experience I have already.
What would you suggest to young people interested in working in the television industry?
I would suggest networking as much as possible. You never know who you will meet and where. The person sitting next to you in class or at a Starbucks could be the next inspiration to your career.
Krystal MacKnight

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