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Everyone's talking about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, like we do every year. But there's one new TWIST this year: There's a plus-sized bikini model in an ad in the 2015 issue. Ashley Graham.

The demand for plus sized models may be dwindling in size requirements, but there will always be a demand for plus sized models because there are plus sized people, and more than 50% of American women are size 14 and up. Positively... there are so many beautiful aspects of plus sized women. And, as an interesting experiment, A plus sized model, in the past, was a size 10-12 -- up to a size 18 for fashion. Now, they are calling a size 8 - plus sized Some people are even calling Drew Barrymore a plus size, because she is a 6.

For catalog work, specifically, they will use a size 8 because they think size 14 and 16 will relate to that person and size 4 and size 6 will relate to that person. They do not use size 18 as much as they should for print -- though... size 18 makes the most money.

Jennie Runk, Saffi Karina,Crystal Renn,Justine LeGault, Robyn Lawley, Tara Lynn, Ashley Graham, Tess Munster, Candice Huffine, Anansa Sims, Kaela Humpries, Lizzie Miller, Nadia Aboulhosn, Velvet D'Amour, Marquita Pring and Fluvia Lacerda (consider the Gisele Bunchen Plus) are the Best and Hottest Plus Size Models who is dominating the industry right now around the world.

Brazil Plus Meanwhile in Brazil, The Competition The Most Beautiful Gordinha (Chubby) is going to its 3rd edition.

This year 2015 the producers initiated selective by states. The first opening with golden key was Rio Grande do Norte, helded on October 10 2014 with 14 beautiful candidates. The idea came because of the high demand in several states. It is a popular, cultural, social competition, lifting the self esteem of overweight woman. The creative director is 33 years old Plus Size model and Event Producer Claudia Ferreira. Who is originally from Natal, Northeast of Brazil living in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Final of the competition takes place in Rio de Janeiro, at the Fair of Northeastern Traditions. Luiz Gonzaga, better known as Feira de Sao Cristovao ou Dos Paraibas also one of the sights of the city.

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All winning by states is exempt from the registration fee at the national level and goes to Rio to compete with so many other Beautiful Chubs every year.

Designer Alessandra Senna & Producer Eduardo Araujo with Claudia Ferreira
Claudia says that the event it was created for the sake of self-esteem and appreciation of the real women in Brazil . Brazilian society is wrongly framed in an aesthetic value where bodies that do not measure up to our roots and mingling. Our job is to search for real beauty, Brazilians who accepts with its voluptuous curves inherited the empire and its races mixtures. The woman who tames who knows what she wants and is not intimidated by the media presence repeating all the time that she is out of certain "standards" of beauty. Therefore our contest will crown The MOST BEAUTIFUL PLUS SIZED OF BRAZIL. Proving that self-esteem of the Brazilian woman is present throughout the country. The national competition has its culmination in Rio de Janeiro, and its selective state are carried out by our regional representatives in their cities. It is usual curiosity d society on a subject today not as backwards, but still attracts many stakeholders, including the local and national media. As sponsor of this edition we have the Halady Araujo actress, of Rede Globo , and the blessing of Plus Size segment precursor in Brazil, the Producer Eduardo Arauju, Miss Plus Size organizer Carioca the first beauty contest for overweight women, in 2011.


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Claudia Ferreira :21 99288-8953 / 21 98241-8349

The event happens once a year.

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