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DJ Tony Dorea:
The Moda-Couture Interview

Tony Dorea, DJ and Producer who is shaking Rio's dance scene. Welcoming the 70's the Star of the Spring 2015 in fashion and music.

Groove is the preferred sound of DJ and producer Tony Dorea. The balance mixed with the sound refinement is what inspires this wave and it will search the influences of the 70s and in the 90s to your favorite beats to incorporate the pop sound of today. “Discoteque is the basis and the sounds of the English-90s and all results in a musical melange for today's track music,” says Tony Dorea.

Live PA and a mixer and also Ableton is enough to produce a mash-up full of sound and sophistication. These are the basic ingredients to produce a party not to let anyone stopped and is exactly what happens at parties photographer Marcelo Faustini, Ricardo Rique, super star Brazilian actress Christiane Torloni and boutique hotel La Suite where the presence of Dj Tony Dorea is mandatory in all parties and the sound box. The pump track! Tony Dorea played in Siran, France in a private party for the Dussol Family. ( François Dussol french owner of La Suite Boutique Hotel )

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“My favorite sound is George Benson, I'm crazy for Michael Jackson and Daft Punk and now the sound of Disclosure. I am addict by music,” he says. As a producer Tony Dorea began producing an original work released his single “Stay inside my soul”, and he still sings a lot. Unleash the firm and serious voice. Later travelled through Europe and back produced two CDs of Lounge Music. Other definitive music influences the DJ and producer incorporated into its work is jazz. “I worked with Marcio Montarroyos and he educated me in this genre. Love Chick Corea and many others,” says Tony Dorea.

With you Tony Dorea in an exclusive interview for Moda-Couture.

When were you first interested in music?
I started when I was really young. My father was a music journalist and critic and hence the addiction.
How was the beginning of your everything?
It was very natural. I started singing in a choir. In 1997 I launched my first single, “Stay inside of My Soul”. After travelled to Europe and charmed me in producing, started playing as a DJ in Brazil.
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What are your musical influences?
Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Air National
Are you recognized in the Clubs?
Besides DJ-ing you also produce?
Yes, currently I produce as much as I play.
Tell us a little bit of what kind of work you do and who are your customers?
Sound track for Fashion, films. I also I made a memorable track with Cristina Ribeiro for Melange 2012 (love working with her). Armani Rio, Copacabana Palace, La suite Boutique Hotel, Liege Monteiro...
What countries have you performed?
Brazil, Argentina and France
How was France? How and the reception it?
I Played in Carcassone, in the Bastille, a luxury! It was a dream to play there.
Who are the DJs that make your head? What is sought for the European and American Spring 2015?
Todd Terje & Kolombo these days.
In Rio, which is the best place to dance?
The Night Club 00 and Pollyanna Simões Parties
When in Rio de Janeiro, what you like to do?
Relax and contemplate nature.
What are your plans for the future?
Well, I can only anticipate that's a WOW LOL When you work as a DJ in Rio de Janeiro it is synonymous with cool party because you bring old and young to your music.
You brought many people to work with you today?
Yes, Today I can bring a crowd of diverse generations.
When is your next CD coming out?
In July 2015. Stay tuned.
How to hire you?
Contact me via email
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