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Poet sells books stuck in the dry branches of a tree in Padre Miguel

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Born June 18, 1969, and raised in Vila Vintém, Darlan de Andrade writer also plant the tree editions of his first book of poems, called "Árdega". The title was taken from the preface, signed by the writer Antonio Olinto, member of the Brazilian Academy of Letras (ABL), who died in 2008.

-"A friend introduced me to the desk of Professor Antonio Olinto and I left it with the poems. Three months later, she called me. I received the foreword for it."

Incidentally, the "Foot of Poetry," which gives its name to his third book, grew out of a conversation with the poet's friend and publicist Marcos Silveira, who proposed using a dead tree to hang their released books. After being cut by the government, the poet was presented by the fine artist and friend Clécio Regis with a scenic tree, where he spent exhibit their books carrying it to other places and turning the "work of art" the great attraction in the region.

Dry for more than five years, the tree began to bear fruit verses of love and social issues. The first harvest brings 90 poems in book 148 pages.

To support them, the tree received sheets of aluminum and even hoses flasher. And the issue was covered with a plastic cover, against the action of the sun and rain.

- But you need to replace the plastic always - details Darlan under the tree in Sofia Street in Chic Point.

- Everyone who passes here admiring the tree - says the dealer Waldyr Quirino, which helps selling the book in your store.

His earlier works "Mar de Nos " and "Árdega" - prefaced by the immortal Antonio Olinto, the Brazilian Academy of Letters, will be reissued on compact version especially for the event.

Darlan de Andrade participated in a literary soiree at the International Arts Coalition last year ,in a space dedicated to independent artists in New York. "I never imagined that my work could get out of Vintém Vila Vintem and get that far. I left the poetry to take me and here I go happy and excited about this new door that opens," says the poet.

Both events were conceived by producer Rozi Andrade from Rio de Janeiro , Brazil who also has its origin in Padre Miguel and lived for 14 years in NY, US. By knowing the work: "Árdega" and "Mar de Nos ", Rozi Andrade commissioned the poet idealizing the project to connect the writer to other literary imprint of universes.

Similarly West Zone of Rio de Janeio, Rozi Andrade had awarded the advertising Marcos Silveira to make the cover of "Foot of Poetry" and Clécio Regis artist Globo TV, for a new reading of scenic tree. Another Brazilian, René Nascimento, artist based in NY, famous for its unique traits, created the cover and illustrations for the book "Musa".

Set designer Clécio Regis responsible for scenery and sculptures of Rede Globo shows like The Voice Brazil and warms, and works in film, fashion and carnival, just donate a scenic tree to the writer and poet Darlan. Andarade. Once cut the tree that served as his "foot of poetry" - was an attraction in the town of Chic Point in Padre Miguel - Darlan's happy life, because again had an alternative to exhibit and sell their books and also other independent writers of the West Zone. The first exhibition the idea is itinerar with the tree in several neighborhoods of the city, including in the south.

Darlan, who won preface of the immortal Antonio Olinto, is working on his third book, "Foot of Poetry".

Contact Darlan de Andrade:

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