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Arezzo&Co was established in 1972 in the city of Belo Horizonte, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The creation of the brand stemmed from the Birman Family's inspiration and desire to connect its shoes to the Italian fashion trends during the 70's, in view of the great influence of the European fashion worldwide.

In 2007, Schutz was merged into Arezzo. SCHUTZ was founded in August of 1995 and in little time achieved huge success in the women’s footwear market. Currently, SCHUTZ is based in Campo Bom, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), where it produces around 160,000 pairs of shoes per month. Our products can be found in over 49 countries at proprietary stores, flagships, franchises and resellers.

Attitude and innovation have always been part of the SCHUTZ lifestyle. Their mission is to offer their consumers an unforgettable experience in terms of design, quality and freedom of expression. They truly believe in “Living for Pleasure”.


Their store concept incorporates the inspiration of an art gallery yet maintains an inviting, luxurious layout. Shades of black and white set the tone of the boutique, warmed by flattering full-length mirrors and islands of white cubes to elevate the customer experience and tell the story of each collection.

The Madison store radiates an atmosphere of true luxury, showcasing a wide collection of women’s shoes inspired by the fast pace of the city and fashion.

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