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Moda-Couture Interviews Andrea Villas Boas

Spring 2015 season. Among many casual brands and shows highlights the diverse fashion of designer Andrea Villas Boas who anticipated her inspirations for her fall/winter 2015 Collection in exclusive interview for Moda-Couture Fashion Culture .

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Andrea Villas Boas has a fashion degree by Senai Cetiqt and from the School For Creative Macneh in Rio de Janeiro. Currently she works in fashion as designer of her exclusive collections, and a fashion adviser. She believes that the exercise of inspiration is the foundation of her creations.


What grade would you give fashion schools in Brazil?
I give them all a "C" average grade. In general, most designers have studied outside the country. We do have some good courses at the Senai Cetiqt but we have many colleges producing professionals who are only able to make copies of international fashion instead of setting trends.
What is your opinion of so-called "Brazilian Fashion" as labelled by the fashion industries of the world?
It seems that Brazil is fashionable. Brazil is a large country, important in the world with much finanical influence and also exceptional cultural diversity. Brazil is known for many events which attract recognizition of an international audience. The world is paying attention to what is produced here.
What challenges did you encounter producing a turban?
The judicious reuse of tissues is a way to produce unique pieces in line with the current need to reduce waste production. The flaps that would otherwise be discarded can be joined to form a unique combination. I have used African fabrics in this process and the result has been amazing.
Brazilian designers who you consider to be important innovators?
I like the work of several designers. I really like Ronaldo Fraga. But I think what is missing is innovation in fashion in general.
What do you recommend as an exercise for those working in the fashion industry?
I like to make clothes for myself as exercise. No commitment, I have just creating innovative pieces and discovering new possibilities as a dress based on the modeling of a harem pants or a man's shirt.
You do search for collections?
Yes. I read some fashion magazines often and I'm always browsing the internet to inspire me for my next collection.


How is your relationship with art?
I appreciate various forms of art that are part of my life. Also, consider fashion the creation of an art . Therefore, art is always present in my work.
Do you think it is necessary to show the work internationally to be recognized nationally?
Not necessarily. People should be recognized for what they have created but there are several other factors that make a difference. The international projection certainly helps. But unfortunately, the possibility of investing in disclosure seems to be one of the factors that matter in the context of Brazilian fashion.
What tip would you give to a young student who wants to be a stylist?
Get to know first all stages of the development of a part. then can be sure that will get the desired result.
Who do you like best to dress, woman or man?
I like to dress people. Some pieces I create can not be classified as male or female. I also like to dress people who do not fall into these categories.
Tell us about your next collection!
I am creating a winter collection. Tailoring with African fabrics.
You are more winter or summer?
Personally I like winter. But we need clothes for all occasions.
In your spare time, what you like to do?
Being with people I care about. Music, movies, books ...
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andrea villas boas fashion andrea villas boas fashion andrea villas boas fashion andrea villas boas fashion andrea villas boas fashion
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