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Ale Senna

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Ale Senna works as a stylist for over 10 years. She currently operates her own studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she works as a designer, pattern maker and fashion expert, specializing in women's fashion, and plus sizes. She won many international awards including SF, California, in 2014 as a best international designer.

She worked in the female segment of famous brands in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, such as Gang and Blueman, and participated in Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week and shows in the Fashion Rio event. She was part of the famous designer Thomas Azulay style team. In 2013 she designed the plus size segment for the Glamour Fashion show. This is where her passion for plus size fashion began.

Her spring 2015 collection was inspired by Brazilian natural landscapes. Her designs represent mixed references of the Brazilian Amazon, with bold shapes, such as necklines and bare shoulders. Presented in her collection are floral, animal and tropical themes with a predominance of silks, lace, muslin and mesh.

Ale Senna is a diverse designer who values the human body regardless of size. She aspires to make women feel comfortable, sexy and modern.

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